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 Rubber NR: varieties are: imports of natural rubber, 20# rubber particles, domestic 5# standard rubber particles
Synthetic rubber: butadiene rubber varieties are: BR9000, SBR1500, SBR1502 styrene butadiene rubber
 Druss The new technology of N234 high structure ultra abrasion carbon black
N220 in high structure ultra abrasion carbon black
N330 high abrasion carbon black
Natural gas semi reinforcing carbon black
 Material Nylon 66, nylon 6 cord specifications: 1890dtex/2 1400dtex/2 930dtex/2
6 nylon canvas specifications: 1400dtex/1x1400dtex/1 930dtex/1x930dtex/1
Bead wire specifications: 1.0MM 0.96MM
 Other Stearic acidZinc OxideAntioxidant (40104020 RD)Promoter (CZ DM NOBS DTDM)
Protective waxParaffin waxRosinBarium sulfateIron oxide redPeptizerSolvent oil
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